Who we are

We are an Italian software house that has chosen to be single product because we believe that the maintenance sector deserves specific skills and professionalism. Over the course of a thirty-year relationship with our customers, we have created a maintenance management and optimization suite that seamlessly integrates with other business flows
  • Reduce maintenance costs by guaranteeing the maximum overall efficiency of the plant
  • Ensuring flexibility according to production plans
  • Managing the conservation of asset
  • Pursue the continuous improvement policy
  • ISO9001:2015
    ISO 9001 certification for "design, implementation, installation and maintenance of software"

  • 21CFR11
    Pending delivery of the certificate of compliance with the requirements 21 CFR 11 according to FDA criteria for companies for the pharmaceutical sector who want to produce and market products in the USA

  • ANNEX11
    Pending delivery of certificate of compliance with the requirements of the EUDRALEX guideline "Volume 4 - Good Manufacturing Practice Medicinal Products from Human and Veterinary Use - Annex 11: Computerized Systems" for the pharmaceutical industry