Designed to be simple and intuitive

Our suite allows you to work comfortably
with PCs, Smartphones, Tablets and PDAs

The suite mig7

We are constantly working to allow you to use the best software for maintenance on the market
Every improvement point is evaluated and implemented for the benefit of the entire community


Windows Software

Planning and management of preventive, extraordinary and spare parts maintenance, spare parts warehouse and maintenance personnel; extrapolation of statistics, reports and options for a personalized experience

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Web portal

An interface dedicated to operators, which can be consulted via a browser and, therefore, usable with any device, makes it possible to perform maintenance operations by having all the technical information at hand

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Simple, fast and intuitive Web application for service requests. Ideal for the first assistance phases, such as call centers or operative centers.

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The tool, for Android systems, to be entrusted to maintenance teams for the processing of maintenance. Exclusive features: offline operation, digitized signature, barcode scanning or Q / R to speed up operations

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Internet of Things

Tramite l' IoT si può acquisire automaticamente dati da macchinari ottimizzando il processo manutentivo

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Configurable module for interfacing with supervision software, for the acquisition of functional data such as: hours worked, measured measurements, conditions and downtime

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