Maintenance software for planning, planning and managing preventive and breakdown maintenance, inventory and resource management, statistics on the main maintenance indicators

Aimed at

SMEs, Service Companies, Administration of Public Bodies, Industry, Service and Real Estate Management, Transportation, Healthcare Facilities, Energy.

Graphic technical chart, flexible, complete and unlimited

The hierarchical tree composition is able to represent any relationship between the objects to be maintained: whether the relationship is functional, technical or location / geographical, each user will feel comfortable using the MIG maintenance software browser. The document traceability allows the availability of linked documents (technical data, manuals, tests / certificates, images, photos and AutoCAD drawings) as well as maintenance plans, parts lists, measurements to be taken, fault analysis and indicators.

Sustainable maintenance

A series of tools such as customizable maintenance plans and planning gantt allow you to schedule interventions with verification of resources coverage and commitment of the necessary replacement material. Maintenance plans are self-generating at time intervals, on condition, on reaching thresholds and hours of operation.

Warehouse and cost reduction

It is possible to manage consumables and spare parts on a technical drawing with relative technical archive and compatible spare parts. Handling, booking, alarms on parametrizable stocks, purchase requests, quotation, orders and approval and expense support chains complete a warehouse management designed to reduce costs and improve maintenance efficiency.

Immediate Startup

It is possible to import your machinery archive, the relative maintenance plans and any maintenance history from files in Excel format. This will reset the startup time of the product within your company.

Reports, statistics, KPI and more

Each type of forms can be graphically replicated through a report designer that allows to extract the data and then represent them in both tabular and graphical format as statistical indicators, comparison curves, etc ... The representation of standardized KPIs (MTTR, MTBF, MTBM, MDT , MRT, Technical Availability) is facilitated by graphic objects with an immediate visual impact. The report designer also allows the preview and export in the most common formats allowing you to share your work with anyone.