Presentazione persona e azienda

My name is Davide Minervini, EDP Manager and Systems Analyst at PTML Terminal (Grimaldi Group).
PTML Terminal is located in Tin Can Island, Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria.
With an area of over 350,000 sqm and an annual traffic throughput of over 100,000 containers, 150,000 vehicles and 200,000 tons of general cargo, PTML is the largest Ro/Ro Terminal in West Africa.
To ensure the fastest turnaround time of vessel and cargo delivery time and in line with the highest environmental and security standard, PTML has committed since inception to significant investment in new infrastructure, state of the art equipment and maintenance.

Come veniva gestita la manutenzione prima dell'adozione di MIG?

Terminal operations are very hectic and complex and run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
In order to keep things running smoothly, our equipment maintenance must be taken very seriously. In our environment, downtime is not an option.
This is why MIG was adopted from the very beginning to maximize equipment reliability in support of essential terminal operations.

Come viene utilizzato il software MIG e ed i suoi eventuali applicativi?

From the beginning, we have been focused on implementing a proactive maintenance scheme. This is no easy goal to achieve. Thanks to MIG flexibility and its capability to select among Programmed/Cyclic/Predictive maintenance plans, we are trying to anticipate and manage machine failures before they occur and determine the optimal maintenance strategy. We are also exploring other MIG features, not yet fully exploited, in relation to procurement and warehouse management.

Quali miglioramenti sono stati ottenuti dopo l'adozione del software MIG?

First of all, we really appreciate the fact that, after a brief training, MIG can be used by operators with very basic computer literacy.
In general, we were able to streamline the overall maintenance, monitoring and reporting processes. The result is the implementation of a more and more cost-effective, paperless maintenance of our equipment and assets.